28th Dec 09 20:35
by Anni
Chrisrtmas has come and gone really quickly. Soon we will be back at school... I got some really great things for Christmas and I hope everyone else did too.
Have a nice rest of your christmas.
17th Dec 09 08:40
by Anni
It's so cold today. I hope the new school has a sock warmer!!!
15th Dec 09 16:19
by Anni
Yesterday was the Inter-house geography quizz, in the theatre at lunch. Everyone got sat at thier house tables and I didn't know anyone except the other year 7's.  The rest of my house quizz team...
9th Dec 09 18:59
by Anni
The Inter-house geography quiz is coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh dear, I haven't exactly revised yet!
And tomorow is also yr7 progress day!
4th Dec 09 16:49
by Anni
Just to let everyone know, the cake sale has raised about £40 for the children in the Katine village in Africa. Thank you to everyone who came.