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My Blog
26th Jun 14 19:08
Tomorrow it will be my last day at primary school I am really going to miss this place and all the teachers I love it here I'LL MISS YOU ALL. I am also going to miss all the activity's like..... chit ...
15th May 14 16:17
Very soon I am taking my best friend catsanddogs12 to a one direction concert on the 3rd of June 2014 I am sooooo excited I can't wait
12th Feb 14 10:12
On the 3rd of June 2014 I am going to see one direction in concert and I am so happy in the comments below tell me who your favorite from 1D is? My favorite is Liam James Payne he is awesome
12th Feb 14 10:09
I am super excited its my birthday soon I will be 12 years old very soon I am also the oldest pupil in Tanshall COOL!!!!!
6th Jan 14 12:15
On my christmas I got a new baby cousin. I also got a new samsung galaxy young phone. But thats nothing compared to my doll house that i got off my gran who made the whole thing and i think that dolls...
28th Dec 13 14:29
This Christmas I think was the best because..........I got a dolls house that my gran made she made every single part of it I think that was my best present ever!!!!!!!!!!I also got an ipad and a Sams...
13th Sep 13 09:46
I have had a very exciting week.On Monday my mum told me that I have One Direction tickets for next year and I am so excited. Also in my shed I had found a cat and it had 5 kittens we have gave four a...
29th May 13 09:34
On Friday after school I went to see my cousin who moved away from tanshall, Me my mum and my baby brothers all went. We stayed for a sleep overbecause it was my little cousins birthday and he had a b...
20th Feb 13 09:39
On holiday mostly played with my friend scoobydoo60 and his little brothers it was fun. I made cup cakes with my grandad they were yummy mmmmm. I played with my little brothers it was funny because wh...
13th Feb 13 17:12
This week I had lots of fun. I played with my friend's scoobydoo60 and his two little brothers we played lots and lots of different games. At school I had fun with my other friends like rushour2 taket...
9th Jan 13 09:20
My Christmas was very busy. I got lots of stuff but my favourite would have to be my Harry from one direction doll. Or my ps3 it was so cool when I was opened them. I also got the Harry potter book of...
3rd Jun 12 08:21
Today my friend scoobydoo60 and his little brother is coming for a sleep over. Me and my mum bought lots of sweets for all of us. And before that I'll be going out to play in the street we will probab...
23rd Apr 12 14:09
Today I am going to takethat3's house we are going to have lots of fun. Except that I am allergic to ben her dog even though he is a nice dog. I am so excited to go. By the way if you ever go to taket...
18th Apr 12 20:31
In the Easter holidays I played with scoobydo60 and his little brother. They brought there scooter I have a scooter too. I have a razor that makes sparks when I push the brake down. We had lots of fun
12th Mar 12 13:51
On saturday I was playing my wii. I was playing harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 its really really fun I love the games I also love the movie too. I also have lego harry potter the first bu
20th Feb 12 12:22
On saturday I watched the suite life movie it was realy good its like the suite life on deck. It has zack,cody,baily,londin,mr monbay and woody it has all the characters. On one of the parts London ea...
6th Feb 12 12:01
On the 27th February I am moving house I can't wait. The day after that its my birthday I will be 10 and I might be geting a justin bieber lunch box I hope I do because I love justin bieber and I migh...
11th Nov 11 11:48
I am sorry for the people that have died in the war.I also sorry for the family of the soldiers.We had a two minute silence for the soldiers that have died in the past we are all s
2nd Nov 11 12:15
On Saturday my cousin came over to play it was so much fun. I had the best day ever my cousin is the funniest cousin I have ever had.
22nd Oct 11 11:54
On Friday I went with my cousin to the golden acorn for breakfast. I had a square sausage,egg,bacon and toast it was delicious. After that we went to the town to get slush I got a red and blue slush...
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