12th Oct 12 06:10
The international day of the girl is a day that is marked to celebrate the existence of all girls. For my basic math girls+education poster, I wrote: girls+education= color. I wrote this because
1st May 12 02:03
After being assigned to attempt to knock the British redcoats from their perfectly aligned columns, I realized that I didn't have many choices. I could do one of three things: I could shoulder my musk...
17th Apr 12 19:38
Dear Diary, Life has been hard and tough since I joined the army. It is constantly snowing at Valley Forge and my shoes and clothing have been worn out for weeks. I attempted to gather scrap
29th Mar 12 03:25
Dear Diary, Almost every in Lexington have become either a Patriot or a Loyalist. I was one of the few that needed to switch to one side, and, may I add, quickly. I had thought about the in
27th Mar 12 18:12
Dear Diary,It was almost midnight, and a man came knocking on our front door. I woke up, startled, and made sure my wife and children were fast asleep. A man whom I knew of as Paul Revere ca
18th Feb 12 23:43
The Renaissance was a time where art and science really stood out. There were many decent artists at that time, but the best portrait artist in the Renaissance was Hans Holbein. Hans Holbein was the m...