14th Nov 08 15:17
I really enjoyed the trip; it was an incredible experience and one I will never forget.  I learnt a lot about the First World War and made loads of new friends.
I thought it was really g...
9th Nov 08 12:32

Bex being filmed for ITV Central. We have learnt about the role that the media plays in remembrance and will hopefully get some tips about how to make our reports better.

9th Nov 08 11:42

We have just walked up to the site where crest farm used to be which was an objective for the canadians. It was significant because it was on high ground and therefore gave them an advantage. We are...
6th Nov 08 21:12
I will catch the train to London tomorrow to begin my journey of Remembrance.  I have been preparing by packing and promoting the trip.

ITV Central have already interviewed me and are ...
6th Nov 08 18:44
"I adore war, it's like a big picnic." 
This is a quote from Julian Grenfell, a Captain in the Royal Dragoons. 
He wrote it in a letter to his family in October 1914.
He died of shrapnel ...
21st Oct 08 18:58
I really enjoyed the weekend we spent in London, especially because it gave me a chance to get to know everyone else who is going on the trip, which I think was a really good idea.
I really l...
12th Oct 08 15:01
This is the "exhibition" we put together at the Imperial War Museum.  We had to choose an object from each station that was set up in the room to create our own exhibition, which we then presente...
12th Oct 08 12:43
We did vox pops around the Imperial War Museum to get people's views on Remembrance.
11th Oct 08 21:40
Bex and Anna.  We all ate a meal together on Saturday evening in Pizza Express, after our long day.
11th Oct 08 18:36
We are currently in London, heading towards the London Eye which we are going to go on. We have just been to see the Cenotaph and we discussed how well it serves its purpose.
I thought that i...
6th Oct 08 21:49
To be honest, the main reason I entered the Away to Remember competition is purely because I am a history geek.  I love history and, unlike everyone else by the sounds of it, I don't mind an essa...