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26th Mar 12 12:21
I had a really good Weekend at Barrowburn. On the Friday night we went to Barrowburn. Got to the scout hut at 6.15, and left the scout hut at 6.30. We put our Kit in the cars, then we set off to Barro...
19th Mar 12 12:17
I Go To this Club call Explorer it is part of Scouts. We are going to camping in this youth Hostel in barrowburn. We are going Friday and saying Saturday and coming back Sunday. we will be going walki...
5th Mar 12 12:12
On Saturday the 31st we are going down to Wells next to the sea. We are going down in the car. it take 5 or 6 hours to get down to Wells. Wells next to the sea is near Norfolk its south of Norwich. We...
27th Feb 12 12:24
On Friday night I went to my New house, we had three lorrys at the new house. The new house is a big mess, I have tidy my bedroom it looks lovely. I like the new house now Im glad we moved to Gosforth...
20th Feb 12 12:14
I can't wait until I move house, we are moving to Gosforth. My mum and dad are looking forward to moving house. My mum and dad were stressed because the dates were changing every week I have seen the ...
6th Feb 12 14:23
Im going to town to have lunch then im going to go on the computer then im going to go to my nanas to have lunch with them then im going to my grandmas to see my grandmas and my sister
6th Feb 12 13:55
I like going walking with this group im with on a wednesday night I have done my bronze duke of edinburgh I have walk the hadrian wall and I have walk the cheviots hills and I have walk near hexham.
23rd Jan 12 13:58
I have done two exam grade 3 and grade 4 it was hard work I had to play two pieces my trumpet help me practic my dad want me to do my grade 5 but im still thinking about but my dad really want me to d...
23rd Jan 12 12:21
I have went on loads of bike ride I did the coast to coast and I did a bike ride from york to norwich and I did a other bike ride from almouth to edinburgh I like going on bike ride my dad like me to ...
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