14th Nov 12 13:51
I had an amazing half term I went shopping and I also did lot of other things. My mum went to Pakistan so I was with my dad and two sisters. As I mentioned that my mum went to Pakistan. in addition to...
15th Apr 12 17:03
In my holiday I went to saudi arabia for umrah(a special muslim prayer type thing).We arravied in Madina a city in saudi arabia.We Rested In our Hotel for a while before we took off for the mosqe (re...
30th Mar 12 16:46
In our recent RE week, year five, we learnt about the two different religions: Hinduism and Christianity, especially, the two spring festivals: Holi and Easter. First we read some articles a
9th Mar 12 11:19
last weak year4 and 5 went to watch a show called go go go! it was all about satainble transport it was fun and I learnt a lot and I will try to use less car and more walking.