My Stories
My Stories
This is my bag that i designed.
As part of our Arts Award, we have been writing performance poetry inspired by water paintings.
keep calm and look at these pictures :)!!
If you like something vote for Hot if you don't vote for Not
I am going on holiday to Turkey !!!!
who's better ???
some of these are funny some of these are really funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have had my phone sinse the 5th of april :)
there so cool !!! :)
do you have glasses ?
who's your favourite singer
This is a cooking and cleaning robot for the elderly... Read it your-self
will you chear on britain in the olympics ????????????????????????????????
We have been doing a peom about the Aztecs. We hope you like it.
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My Blog
30th Jan 12 19:36
Lots of people are saying the world will end in 2012.i don't know why but if i find out i will tell you but before that give me your opinion on why you think people are saying it. do you think it will...
8th Jan 12 19:24
If you are wondering why my picture is a dog then here's why: It is my dog 'chuckie' he had passed away on 29.12.11 so all I have to say is R.I.P. And here is a picture of him sleeping before we had t...
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