22nd May 10 10:20
The Maximum Ride books I just discovered about two weeks ago whilst I was searching in Waterstones for good books that aren't littered with vampires. I read the first one which was incredibly wonderfu...
17th May 10 21:05
Everybody with at least an ounce of good music taste in them should go listen to Panic! At The Disco's song 'The Only Difference Between Martydom And Suicide Is Press Coverage' because I am seriously ...
30th Apr 10 22:17
Hayley Williams of Paramore recently uploaded a cover of Bad Romance onto youtube and it is honestly EXTREMELY AMAZING!!!!!! everyone that likes Paramore and Lady Gaga should check this out as they a...
20th Mar 10 15:55
The Blackout are a band seriously worth listening to. I recommend their album The Best In Town. They're just so brilliant!!! I heart them.
21st Feb 10 20:03
I'm totally stoked for Kids In Glass Houses new album Dirt. It comes out on March 29th but that seems like far too far away!!
19th Feb 10 17:30
I just deleted all of my Twilight stories so now i guess my page is slightly less cluttered with things i dont care about now. Please no one on radiowaves talk to me about twilight anymore coz its jus...