31st Dec 11 12:12
Remembrance day is a day when you think about people who have lost their lives or fought in the army.At my school a lady came called Mrs Frew and she came and showed us a powerpoint of photos of peopl...
29th Dec 11 13:27
They are so cool. I especially like the red Audi.
29th Dec 11 12:45
There are no more Harry Potter dvds so I am going to choose my favourite one and it is ........... Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. I just got the dvd for Christmas. They don't have them in one p...
2nd Dec 11 16:52
My rabbit is called PIXIE and is very cute. She is only one and a half. She likes running about the kitchen floor. She has a white and orange spotted coat and pink inside of her ears. She was outside...