3rd Dec 10 12:03
Whoooooooooooooo! Man Utd are getting better this season! It all started when Man U won 2-0 and then won 7-1! Berbetov scored 5 goals and the other two where from Nani and Ji-Sung-Park. When they won ...
3rd Dec 10 11:33
I am part of Riversdale Primary school and I want us to be the top station of the month, it is hard to be top but I still wants us to win. As we know, Ki Ora Koorero is the station but in December we ...
28th Nov 10 20:05
These are Ferinand's clubs!First club:1995-2000 Loan Club:1996 Third Club:2000-2002 West Ham United Bournemouth Leeds United<
20th Nov 10 20:43
They have Shirts, shorts and socks.
20th Nov 10 20:21
You want to know, look at this!!!!!!!!
20th Nov 10 20:16
These pictures are showing you Chelsea's kits. There are only two.
20th Nov 10 20:07
You want to know there 2 kits, well you can allways look at this!
29th Oct 10 16:50
Radiowaves is really fun. You get to make stories, blogs and you can even make friends! There are about 93 people on Radiowaves in Riversdale primary school. You can make your own name (it can’t be yo...
28th Oct 10 16:38
Manchester United have won the most Premier League cups drawing with Liverpool.They are a hard team to beat. Look at these pictures. They are a quiet a good team.
28th Oct 10 12:53
The Simpsons are very funny. The Simpsons family are Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. My favourite one is Homer because he is very funny.Homer looks like he is bald but when you look clo
20th Oct 10 22:17
Brazil are one of the best international team in the world. They have won the most world cups, five times they have won it. They didn't win the world cup but they did go to the quarter finals. They wh...
17th Oct 10 19:21
These are soooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!