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Hear is an extract from my writing of a diary that I made for Pip from Great expectations
Read the text to find out how to and what to do!!!!!!!
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We need your help to save teentastic!!!!! Will you be the one to save Teentastic
Tell us what you think makes a good friend!
Tell us if you enjoy your summer hols now!
Hi I am Carly6 and my story is about me and my cousins website and your opinion!
This is my design for the design a logo competition!
Which is your favourite out of Elvis and Titanic!
This is about what makes a good friend.
This is my design for the design fo the queen jubilee competition.
Click to watch primary 6 perform their very own pirate dance.
What is your favourite animal? please vote now.
We went to the Scottish Parliament, find out what we learned.
who is your favourite sinnger?? vote now!!!!!!!!
T.O.P want you to get more outdoor games and outdoor trips. Eco party want to get you classroom pets. SSC want to celebrabrate the queens jublee. and Queen of hearts got you tomato sauce.
On Friday the 3rd of February it was day for change, we helped Uganda.
We all know Little mix were the first group to win the X Factor but were they your winner.
What age do you think we should be to vote??
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My Blog
24th Feb 13 11:41
Monday: I went to horses132's house on my bike!Tuesday: I went to horses132's house to play.Wednesday: I went to horses132's for tea.Thursday: I went to horses132's to pl
27th Jan 13 12:11
Monday: My BFF came to play at my house!Tuesday: I was at my grans for tea.Wednesday: I went to gymnastics. I was also at my BFF's house to play.Thursday: I was at my bff
27th Jan 13 11:58
Hi guys wassup! remember my song writing competition I am about to announce the winner!The winner is.............. FLUFFY with Mr Blue congratulations!!!!!!!! For those who enterd I wish you all
20th Jan 13 17:54
Monday: I played with my sister after school I cant remember what we played!Tuesday: I took brownies with my sister to brownies with my mum I think and I was on the laptop with my sister too
11th Jan 13 17:22
In this blog I will be sharing what we have been doing in class. I hope you enjoy!Our topic is The Victorians we have been reading extracts from texts by Charles Dickens. We have read A Chri
8th Jan 13 11:42
On Christmas Eve I was much excited but very tired as I was up at 3:30 because I could not sleep, I sat up and watched lots of Christmas movies. We had loads of Pringles and Christmas tree biscuits an...
14th Oct 12 20:24
Hi my cousin and I have decided to close down teentastic. We know its sad but the good news is we have a new site caled......Imagining u wil love it. Try it cux we don't want to spoil what it is about...
12th Sep 12 19:02
Hi,I am Carly6. I would like to say welcome to those of you who are new to makewaves. I know you will have a lot of fun on this site and you are going to have a great year with it. If you get stuck on...
21st Aug 12 20:36
On Saturday my sisters tooth came out!!! It was so tiny you could not tell it was out! I cant properly describe how small it was. All I can say is that it was bigger when it was in her mouth. I mean ...
21st Aug 12 20:29
I am very sorry I have not been doing a lot of blogs for a few weeks, I have not been doing them as I have lost ideas but if you send me a comment or add me as a friend I might get an idea. But I need...
21st Aug 12 20:05
Hi! I am Carly6 and I am here to tell you my primary school memories. I am not in high school yet I am in p7 right now but I would like to tell you my memories from p1-p7. I have p7 memories too! Yeah...
9th Aug 12 11:53
Yesterday I went for a picnic at lochore meadows. It was a big park in lochgelly. It is actually near where my auntie stays. On the way I saw two horses with people on them. I spent most of my time a...
3rd Aug 12 14:36
We have earned 7 gold medals we have never had a gold medal and our first gold medal was for rowing. Altogether we have won at lest 15 gold medals. I have created this blog to say well done to Brita...
13th Jul 12 11:10
When you write a comment and you want to see a cool font here is what to do:1. Press the shift key.2. keep hold of the shift key and press number 8 3. type what you are going to pu
12th Jul 12 17:57
A lot of peoples birthdays are during the summer hols which is why I would like to start birthday blogging! So birthday blogging is if you were to tell me that it was someone's birthday but you can't ...
12th Jul 12 11:14
Thank you for your letter.You are welcome. Hope you are having a great summer and enjoying the nice weather today.Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer holidays and thank you for a great yea
8th Jul 12 14:27
Hi today I went on a bike ride with my dad and sister. My mum didn't come because she was working. We went to the petrol station first to fill my sister and dads bike up with air. After that we we...
6th Jul 12 11:55
Yesterday I went swimming at burntisland swimming pool! It was amazing, at first it was very cold. If I had to pick one flume to be my favourite it would totally be the blue also known as the bolt. ...
2nd Jul 12 17:06
Well this weather just get worse and worse why can't the sun just show up with some heat for one day. I mean yesterday was probably the best day of the sun ever (well of this summer.) The weather s...
26th Jun 12 11:59
The official teentastic has now been rebuilt with the same name. We have changed all the latest fashions so you can get all the latest on the teentastic website. I didn't see much people in sparkles ...
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