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please pick your favourite dessert.
Please vote for your favourite month of the year. By Beech SAM, Beech AL and Beech OK.
Please vote for your favourite day of the week. By Beech SAM, Beech AL and Beech OK.
This is a poll about your favourite activity from our science day.
Please vote for your favourite theme By Beech OK and Beech SAM
This is a flower poll by Beech SAM Beech OK
What word would you use to describe yourself. By Beech OK
This is a scratch project by Beech sam and Beech OK.
This is a poll about your favourite flower
By Beech SAM and Beech OK.
Please vote for your favourite shape. By Beech OK and Beech sam
This is about when Beech CH came to my house.
This is my norman soldier. By Beech OK
This is my homework for our Conisbrough Castle trip. By Beech OK
Theese are just a couple of the parts in a castle. By Beech OK
I love katy perry and lady gaga.
Please vote for your favourite thing about radiowaves out of theese things. (it might be hard to choose)
This is my homework for 4th Feb. By Beech OK
This is a poll about your favourite subject at school. Please vote for your favourite one . By Beech OK :-)
these are some times tables .
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My Blog
19th Jun 11 11:48
  • t-shirt* super dad slippers* Giant galaxy bar* caramels and eclairs Also I made him a card at school with a t-shirt on it and my sister made him one at school with a picture
6th Feb 11 12:44
CD playerCraft bookDoodle bookNotebooksChocolatesHot water bottlePJs Don't PanicMonopolyWobbleyPerfume labRocket ball factoryOrigami book
19th Dec 10 11:31
I like radiowaves because you can talk to your friends when you can't see them. I even like making story's and writing blogs about exiting things that might have happened. Also you can make your page ...
16th Dec 10 19:30
On Tuesday 14th December me Beech AL and Beech SAM went to a ball at the metrodome and I went with my mum and grandma. The first dance was the quickstep, I danced with Beech AL. If you were really goo...
8th Dec 10 10:45
On Wednesday I put my Christmas tree up in my bedroom. It has got a fairy on the top and some lights. It is white and it has got lots of pink baubles on it. My cat likes knocking the baubles off becau...
1st Dec 10 09:18
When it snowed I threw snowballs at my dad(tee hee). Me and my sister built a little snowman but we didn't make a big one because it was too cold. On wednesday when it was really bad we threw my cat i
26th Nov 10 19:37
Today when I woke up I got dressed for school. Then I came down to have my breakfast and I had chocolate squares for my cereal. After that I brushed my teeth and got my coat,scarf and gloves on. Next ...
21st Nov 10 15:00
Today I went shopping to Tescos. I bought a dvd with my birthday money and it was called Mickey's adventures in wonderland. We bought a couple of things for dinner and also some things for my cousin f...
5th Nov 10 17:20
At home today I put lots of jewellery on that I had got for my birthday . Then I went on radio waves and talked to Beech MG and Beech CH . Then I had my tea and I had hot dogs , rice and chips . After...
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