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Our Comic Relief story
As part of our Burns study we wrote newspaper reports about Tam O Shanter
What we did in P6 about internet safety
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Created via the App
An up-date on our progress
An up-date on our progress
An up-date on our progress
Learning to play ukulele - day 1 and 2
Our Easter assembly
Do something funny for money!
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11th Jun 15 09:33
Our Star of the week is..... DoggieLover because she had up her game and joined in with our mash up dance and her behivour
29th May 15 11:42
On Wednesday the whole of Tanshall School went to Edinburgh Zoo we saw lots of animals and had a great day with friends.On Thursday we went to Glenwood to do a cluster hub day we did drama/ P.S.E and...
29th May 15 11:34
Our Star of the Week is..... SuperSuperRock because he has been an enthusiastic class member while repesenting Tanshall at Glenwood.
14th May 15 11:39
This week we joined up with P5-6's to do our Caine's Arcade and our arcade games are coming along very well and we are nearly finished.In P.E we have been playing Capture the flag and it is an awesome...
14th May 15 11:20
Our Star of the Week is..... HelloKitty55 because she hasn't been star of the week this year yet. She really deserves it though as she is always well behaved and works hard, and she is a great dancer...
8th May 15 11:27
This week we have been doing imaginative stories. We got to pick what our stories were about. We done them on the netbooks. Mr Gruitt wrote some ideas on the blackboard about what we could use in our ...
1st May 15 10:41
Our Star of the Week is...... KittyKitty because she is a kind and helpful classmate who looks out for others. She works really hard and always does her duties.Well Done!!
1st May 15 10:23
This week we have joined up with p5 and 6's to do our Cain's Arcade and it was amazing because we got to start building our own arcade game. They are looking awesome.We have started our new task for K...
1st May 15 10:13
This week we have joined up with P5 and 6's to do our Cain's Arcade. It was even better because we got to start building our own arcade game and it was amazing.We have started a new task for K'nex and...
23rd Apr 15 12:05
Our star of the week is...... Golfyboy because he has had a great week and he was a real star in P.E and has been a helpful and considerate citizen.
23rd Apr 15 11:55
This week we have joined up with P5 and 6's and we started Caine's arcade project and it is getting on really well also we have been looking at circuits to go with our own arcade and we are making the...
26th Mar 15 09:34
P7 stars of the week are ......... SuperMario8, Hotwheelsman100, SportyKing, Bakingisfun and PuppyLover3 -These people represented Tanshall in the Rotary Quiz. The team came in 3rd and the reserve tea...
26th Mar 15 09:23
In maths we had an investigation on folding paper and transferring them into graphs. It was really fun because each time we fold the paper it doubles up. It was really fun.We have also finished Macbet...
20th Mar 15 10:29
Today the whole school went down and saw the Eclipse because the moon went over the sun. Also P7's went out side and had 2 pieces of paper and put it towards the sun and some of us saw a wee half ci...
20th Mar 15 10:25
Our star of the week is..... MovieGirl because she is taking Primary 7 in her stride. She keeps her cool and doesn't let things bother her. She has also been helping out with dancing.Well Done!!
13th Mar 15 09:56
This week we have been up to quite a few different things.In maths, we did some ‘Brain Stretchers’ from Dr Mark’s Magic Maths. See if you can solve this one:Mr and Mrs Plum have six daughters and eac...
13th Mar 15 09:52
Our Star of the week is.... GoldenEagle9 because she helped a Primary 1/2 child to go into the swimming pool and swim! He ended up loving it.!Well Done!
6th Mar 15 11:35
We have done a few Macbeth activities this week. We looked at three of the main characters from the play and wrote words to describe them along with their thoughts. We also wrote a letter as Macbeth...
6th Mar 15 11:32
Our star this week is animallover101.She was nominated by a few people for her excellent dance moves. She has supported the rest of the dance group and worked brilliantly as part of the team. Well d...
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