7th Apr 11 17:11
Aha! I was wrong! We hadn't learned all of our dance. There was a ending but actually it was just kind of repeating section one. ARGH, so scared!
24th Mar 11 17:47
Finally, we have learned all of our dance! GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
23rd Mar 11 18:08
Yay! Today we learned section three and four of the dance. Finally! Do you know what? I am so much better at dancing now. Thanks for that!LOVE CHLOE XXXXXXX
22nd Mar 11 16:10
Oh I'm so excited for tomorrow. Why, I hear you ask. Duh! Tomorrow we're learning section three and four.
21st Mar 11 15:57
Hello today is Monday the 21st. I am so excited for good Friday. On Wednesday we're going to learn the last sections of our dance!
20th Mar 11 08:41
Today is Saturday so tomorrow is school. NO!!! Just kidding, I really like school (WHAT?!WHY?LOL!!!). So anyway, I've got to practise my dancing skills for good Friday. I wonder when we'll learn secti
18th Mar 11 16:02
Well today was the third day. We got a break because in the afternoon we went to the Northern Theatre were we did different workshops. One of them was with Mr Holmes, our music teacher, were he taught...
17th Mar 11 17:26
Hello! As the title suggests, today we practised, practised and practised some more! I am starting to get the hang of it, I think. LOVE CHLOE XXXXX
16th Mar 11 16:24
ARGH!!!!!first rehersals today, and boy, it was scary! i'd say the hardest part was running in a straight line! ha ha ha! every day i shall update my blog. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!