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I love fruit and veg I love candy floss. I love being active and I run around alot. I know alot about lego because it's my favourite toy. I can do hand stand, head stand and rolly polies. I was born in Bristol.I love music and sport. I can do afew magic tricks, and have read some good books. I like Roal Dahl and Adam Blade books. I am good at using the computer. I am also good with technical gadgets.I also like hot wheels alot. I love being in London.I am a Lego master builder.I love a good challenge.
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Wanna learn a bit about chocolate,well you've come to the right place.
I was just curious about what your favourite sport is.
Once a upon a time........
Try to trick your friends.
Have you ever wanted something alot? Well this is a story about that.
This is the story of when a little boy goes to the circus.
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6th Sep 12 14:53
Today was a great day because it was my first day in year 5.My teachers are Tom and Lorren.They're the best teachers ever!We did lots of getting to know EACH OTHER.
20th Jun 12 14:54
What is a solid?A solid is something that you can pick up with your hands,keeps its volume and stays the same shape.What is a liquid?A liquid is substance that you can po
6th Jun 12 10:16
One tip is to make one pile of edges and one pile of all the pieces that go inside the edge. Another tip is to know what the picture makes and if possible to keep a picture of the
20th Apr 12 14:46
This week has been excellent. I really enjoyed it. I have been learning about the Egyptians it was fun.My favourite piece of writing this week was our arctic adjective writing.It was my favourite bit...
14th Mar 12 15:08
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6th Mar 12 12:54
here are some cool facts about lego and how it started.<
2nd Dec 10 15:15
The sky is clearThe land is whiteIt's white as well as brightIt's freezingThe cold is building up while we are warming upIt's falling on the trees like icing sugar on a cake
8th Nov 10 20:19
Make Your Own Game for Free!src="
27th Jun 10 12:42
26th Jun 10 14:19
13th Apr 10 16:34
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13th Apr 10 10:35
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12th Apr 10 09:58
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