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29th Jul 12 11:36
I want to find out which is better. 1Direction or The Wanted. So vote at the bottom of the page but be quick because the vote ends August 11th.
23rd Jul 12 17:29
Hi guys. On August 3rd I'm going to get a trial to see if I can join the Fins Competition Club. I'm quite got at swimming. The best thing about it is you get to do competitions! So I hope I get in. WI...
12th Jul 12 19:41
On the 11th of July I went to go and see Men In Black 3. It had comedy, shocking twists and amazing story but I can't give away to much. I would give this film 10/10 and I'd recommend this film to any...
9th Jun 12 16:15
I've wanted to keep you guys up to date with all the stuff that's happening in the world but mostly in Kirkcaldy.If you want me to find out stuff that maybe you want to know about just write a comment...
12th Apr 12 20:45
Well done to everyone who was in the school show Aladdin JR !!!
23rd Feb 12 19:22
On the 1st March it is my birthday and I don't know what to do so I wondered what everyone else thought. So I've got a multiple choice of things I want to do. The choices are going ice skating, having...
14th Dec 11 16:58
Hello ! Me and my friend hugo were wondering at school which one was better. A werewolf or a vampire so I wanted to put a vote on here. SO WHICH IS BEST. YOU DECIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10th Nov 11 19:55
Remember when I was doing my vote to see which was better Moshi Monsters or Yu-gi-oh. Well the winner is.....MOSHI MONSTERS !!!!!!!
25th Oct 11 17:20
I am trying to reach 50 friends so if your my friend could you please make a friend request thanks BYE !!!
21st Oct 11 21:59
I am doing a vote to see which site is better Girlsgogames or Moshi Monsters. To vote go to the bottom of the page and make a comment of which site you think is the best. BYE !!!!
22nd Sep 11 15:58
Here are some pictres of penguins
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