22nd May 11 11:47
today was cool as i posted my first video all by my self. :)
21st May 11 09:39
Today I'm so excited and nervous seeing as I'm going to go and do my first ever story all by my self. Wish me luck :)
21st May 11 09:35
Today everyone was busy getting ready to present our best piece of work to the group. I've learned so much this week.THANK YOU S2R, I'VE LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THIS WEEK
19th May 11 13:33
When I was at S2R I got 8 cricket players signatures.
19th May 11 13:16
At lunch i got 3 cricketers signatures :) :) :) :)
19th May 11 12:57
Today I went round asking people what they think the best point of the match will be. Then I came back and edited my vox pop. Now I realise how hard it is getting people to answer you questions. :)
19th May 11 12:51
This afternoon we got to interview Tony Cottey a former cricketer it really showed me what it would be like tomorrow when I had to go up to members of the public and ask them to answer my questions. ...
18th May 11 10:25
This morning we had a tour around the media centre. We had a behind the scenes visit to the media centre, it had a brilliant view of the pitch, we also we saw the writers room. Then Adam came and talk...
17th May 11 14:08
Today we made are pages on S2R RADIOWAVES and made a vox pop that i'v posted. :)
17th May 11 11:26
Today we all learnt how to use the MacBooks and the recording equipment then we used Audacity to edit our voxs pops and cut out long pauses. :)