20th Mar 12 14:45
On the 20 march 2012 we had a workshop about the Hindu religion There are many difrerent gods and religions we got to dress up as one of the Hindu gods There are many diferent gods. Shawsl
13th Mar 12 21:20
refugees are people that have to move from their countrie to another because of their religan or the countrie is dangrous because of bombing or shooting some of them are sent to a refugee camp. they ...
8th Mar 12 19:07
messi plays for barcerlona he has scored 36 goals this season but the season has not ended yet they have played 25 won 17 drawed 6 lost 2 they are second on the table messi is the best player in the w...
8th Mar 12 13:30
95% of people dont get their 1 chocie of secondary school's. if you dont like the school that you got chosen then you can go on the waiting list for that school. then a letter will come saying you got...
20th Feb 12 11:29
on saturday i done my homework.i played football for my team.then i played fifa 12 on sunday i done my home work all of it and thats what i done on my weekend
2nd Feb 12 14:54
we should not have computers in school beacause children go on website whenyou are in a leason they go on a website when they are not a ment to.if we take the computers away how ar
9th Jan 12 17:22
I started to run I did not what to sprint because I would get out of breath so I ran halfa mile I had to be careful of parents and kids so I went around them I ran 2 miles now I Kept running til