29th Mar 12 11:24
Go compare at
9th Jun 11 14:30
We went to the Dairsie Dash which is a cross country 1 mile race around a field. One person of are team came 2nd. It was really fun.
9th Jun 11 14:22
we entered the fife cricket championships and came 3rd.
17th Jan 11 14:38
Are alien masks are so cool
17th Jan 11 14:36
We are going to upload are alien speeches onto radiowaves
17th Jan 11 14:35
are topic is world war 2 this term
17th Jan 11 14:31
after we wrote are letters from the aliens we wrote a peace treaty from the humans point of view asking the aliens not to invade earth
17th Jan 11 14:29
today at school we made alien masks and put them onto crazy talk and then added a speech stating that they were going to invade earth
23rd Sep 10 12:46
Today it is raining and it is indoor break.
22nd Sep 10 08:40
Yesterday stoke beat fulham 2-0. Cmon stoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22nd Sep 10 08:36
Today in p.e we are doing pop la crosse.
21st Sep 10 20:33
Today i went to athletics.
21st Sep 10 20:30
Today for the radiowaves competition we had to tipe up our scripts and i am one of the presenters.
21st Sep 10 20:26
Today i got to use u lead studio 10.
21st Sep 10 20:23
Today in the carling cup stoke are beating fulham 1-0
16th Sep 10 20:13
Today Liverpool are playing Stueua Bucharest and they scored after 30 seconds.
16th Sep 10 20:01
Today i wnt to the park with my friends.
16th Sep 10 19:59
In the radiowaves competition we have groups for different parts of Strathkinness and my group is called Iconic Ironic.
16th Sep 10 19:57
Today i had to do a thing to put on radiowaves for the competition in October.
13th Sep 10 08:34
I went to the lake district for my nana's birthday
2nd Sep 10 19:37
Today i did cycling practise at school
2nd Sep 10 19:34
On Tuesday we had a visitor from radiowaves who came in and talked to us about hows to use the MP3 player.
2nd Sep 10 19:30
My school is going in for the radiowaves competition.
2nd Sep 10 19:22
Today in I.C.T we made are storyboards for the radiowaves challenge this year.
26th Feb 10 12:24
My favourite film is g-force