25th Sep 11 17:14
We Woke up at 5:30 and got our selves ready. We first went to pray on our leaders grave in Islamabad. It took us one whole hour to arrive there. After when we prayed we took some pictures with the flo...
21st Sep 11 15:46
I just found out how to find moving and sparkling pictures. I found the website really useful and I think you should have a go too. I'll just leave the link here please have a go and tell me how
18th Sep 11 18:35
When it was the first day of year 6 I was really nervous thinking of the tests and exams. However the fright didn't last long due to the teachers and my family's encouragement. Year 6 is brilliant and
17th Sep 11 18:59
My family and I, we had a great day out today. We had such a nice weather today so I decided to go to a park. I told mum and she said 'Oh yes, a great idea'. We went in a park near our house. We had a...
10th Sep 11 17:26
Today was the Eid party and we all had really fun. First we started with Tilawat (reading the holy quran) followed by Nazm (poem). There was a lady who did a brilliant speech about Eid. Finally, we ha
2nd Sep 11 17:41
I had a great Eid on 1st September 2011.How we celebrated Eid! First we woke up at 6.30am and we got ourselves ready. First of all we went to our mosque to listen to our leaders sp