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4th Jun 15 16:16
On Thursday we had sports day - my favourite race was the relay race because it helps you work more in a team as well as being competative. The hurdles was fun too because you had to jump over hurdles...
29th May 15 10:19
This was an awesome week - we went to the zoo on Wednesday and had lots of fun. We loved seeing all the animals, especially the pandas. It was a really good school trip. My favourite bit was seeing th...
22nd May 15 10:27
22nd May 15 10:16
Our stars of the week are.... ScooterBoy88 and Awesome Gamer. They have both done amazing drawings of David Walliams characters - Awful Auntie and Mr Stink.
18th May 15 14:29
Our star this week is ... BlackNinja. In art she did an amazing kite - we are all very impressed with how awesome it looks. Well done!
14th May 15 13:53
We are dressing up as super heroes to raise money for cash for kids. The whole school is going to visit Glenwood library as part of the Super Hero day. We are also writing about a person who inspires ...
8th May 15 09:47
Today we were learning lots of new songs on the ukulele called La Bamba and The Kingdom of Fife. P6 joined us as usual and P7 and Mr Gruitt came too. We really enjoyed our new songs and Mr Gruitt love...
8th May 15 09:44
Our star this week is...snowman123. He has been an awesome team partner in Caines Arcade. He has worked really well with kittyka
1st May 15 09:56
Our star this week is... xbox8. He showed a very good understanding of why it was important to hear all the different polititians talks, and not just one or two - so everyone had a choice to make a fa...
1st May 15 09:38
During the week we have been watching Newsround and have seen the party leaders who are hoping that people will vote for their party in the General Election on Thursday 7th May. We watched their 60 se...
24th Apr 15 09:15
Our stars this week are CuteCats14 and ScooterBoy88. They have both impressed the class with how well they played catch the flag in gym. They good techniques and helped manage and organise their teams...
23rd Apr 15 10:16
On Tuesday we went though to join P6 and P7 to watch a video called Caine's Arcade. It is about a 9 year old boy who built an arcade out of cardboard boxes. His arcade is amazing. Then when he had bui...
26th Mar 15 20:04
This week in swimming we were learning how to tread water. This skill could save your life.You had to be like a jellyfish in the water. You had make a figure of 8 with your hands to push the water dow...
26th Mar 15 20:03
Our star this week is ... the whole class. They have been amazing in their music and performed a really enjoyable concert in front of the whole school today. Well done!
20th Mar 15 11:51
In maths this week we have been looking at different charts and graphs. We looked at pictograms and bar charts. We did a survey of P7 about what their favourite pets were. We turned this information i...
20th Mar 15 11:46
Our star this week is.... AwesomeGirl124. She often gives up extras time to be a buddy to the P1s and P2s when there is someone off. She can always be relied on to help them and does it with a smile :...
12th Mar 15 14:37
In art we made a movie camera with Mr Finlayson. You started with 3 pieces of paper. You used one to make a little circle for the lens. You had to make a cuboid to be the part the lens sits in. Next y...
12th Mar 15 14:35
Our star this week is ....FootballMad08. We nominated him because we were all amazed at how amazing his card for his mum was. It blew us all away! Well done!!
5th Mar 15 21:16
On Monday in ukulele we learned a new chord called Dm. This is a minor chord and we will be able to play the Drunken Sailor using this chord. With our other new chord C7 we played the Lord of the Danc...
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Dazzling Dogs funny photos on Red Nose Day 2015
We had a local author visit us today
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our first music lesson with Mrs Pollard
We got a special delivery and can't wait to find out what it is....
a song by one of our class
P1/2 had lots of fun spending time with their buddies from P6 this week when they took a trip to the woods to look for plant life. We discovered that there were more plants growing where it was sunny then what was growing in the shade.
P1/2 will be contributing towards a special edition magazine on the Fairyland Wedding last Thursday. We hope you all had a fab time and we would appreciate any contributions towards our magazine.
Click on your favourite or most looked forward to wedding.
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