14th Feb 11 19:26
On Friday I played with Josh we played the play station 3 we played modern warfare black ops it was hard I lost 18 times and won 0.After that I walked back from Josh's it took 5 minutes. I played on t...
7th Feb 11 20:36
On Friday I did my homework it was easy. I built a lego model it was about 60 centimeters wide and 12 centimeters tall. It was cool. I played the Wii with my sister Megan, we p[layed Mariogalaxy 2 it
31st Jan 11 19:30
On Vendredi I was happy because my lego came from e-. I built all 5 of them in 30 minutes they where awesome. I played with them all night, my favourite one was meltdown he shoots acid at the enemy.
24th Jan 11 19:39
On Friday I played with my Bionicles and Lego, I made 3 really good battle men. I made them fight to be the ultimate champion. Then I went outside to practice basket ball. After dinner I played balloo
29th Nov 10 08:32
On Friday I played with Sean we played basketball, I drew with Sean 15 all. We played a magic game. I was a teacher of magic, Sean was my student. We played till 5 o'clock when he went for tea. <
15th Nov 10 18:17
On Friday Sean and his brother Dylan came to my house. We played a pirate game it was great, then we played basketball. I lost against Sean but won against Dylan. Sean beat Dylan. Around about 5 o'clo...
8th Nov 10 18:17
On Friday I asked Sean Ryder to come down to my place for a couple of hours. We played a sword fighting game, it was fun. After Sean had gone, there was a knock at the door and it was Josh and Bailey...
8th Nov 10 13:51
On the first week of the October holiday my uncle came from America at 18:00. When we came back from the airport we ordered fish and chips from the shalama. After we ate are fish and chips my uncle ga...