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5 things to remember about conflict resolution
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16th Apr 12 11:27
On 16 April 1947, Bernard Baruch made a speech describing the worsening situation between the US and Russia as a "Cold War". He was referring to a situation in which two or more countries are hostile ...
26th Mar 12 10:08
In March 1954 the US tested the first hydrogen bomb. Since then, more and more powerful weapons have been developed. Some people see them as a way of ensuring that wars do not start, as the consequenc...
12th Mar 12 11:22
This picture (© IWM (Art.IWM PST 10889)) was produced during the First World War. Mothers, particularly those who have lost husbands or sons (or both) are often used as a powerful image of the misery ...
9th Jan 12 11:33
After World War II, the United Nations was set up as an organisation to help resolve conflicts all over the world. Its aims are:To keep peace throughout the world; To develop friendly r
19th Dec 11 14:01
This picture (© IWM (HU 35801)) shows Irish and German soldiers standing together in no-man's land (the area between the two armies) on Boxing day 1914. During the "Christmas Truce", soldiers on both ...
28th Nov 11 12:18
Pictures are often a very powerful way of finding out about conflicts and how they are resolved. The one below, from the Imperial War Museum archives (© IWM (BER 49-175-002) ), shows British soldiers ...
14th Nov 11 15:14
IWM Duxford is using the "Build the Truce" project to work with schools on the theme of conflict resolution, focussing particularly on the Cold War. We have started sessions with a number of schools; ...
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