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My Blog
5th Mar 11 16:58
At the moment I have started a project at school to do with the Beatles. In groups of four, we have to create a presentation on them and record a song together. My group have selected me to
10th Oct 10 18:52
Just packing for Kingswood. We go on Wednesday till Friday to do some wacky activities in the great outdoors!!!! Just my kind of thing. If you have been to Kingswood, give me some of your th
22nd Dec 09 11:13
I have got my present for my family and mates. This is the list...
Dad: Toblorone, Lynx
Mum: Stress ball, Necklace,
Jack: Jeans
Emily: (I can't post this because she's not got it yet and ...
9th Dec 09 17:26
I have just read an AMAZING book! It's packed full of adventure and magic.  You can not get an author who could writethe tales of Artemis better! I hope it becomes a DVD and goes into the cinema....
1st Nov 09 08:35
Halloweens gone now! And christmas is coming! Wooo hooo! I prefer Christmas to Birthdays because everyone has something to open!
31st Oct 09 09:35
It's Halloween tonight!  I'm going to a party! I don't usually do trick or treating but I am this year! What are you lot up to? Once tonights over, leave a comment on how well your trick or treat...
28th Oct 09 08:42
I reached my target in record time! I'm going for a bigger one now! 200 friends!!!!!!! I'm saying I've got until the first Wednesday at school. Thats ONE WEEK! Go go go! Tell all ur friends!
27th Oct 09 18:39
I've got 98 friends! I want 100+! So come on! What you waiting for?
27th Oct 09 09:04
I'm going to my sisters 21st today. I don't know what to wear because I havn't seen her in agggeess! It's going to be so cool. My sis isn't really my sis but I love her all the same! Happy Birthday Je...
24th Oct 09 10:40
It's half term and nearly halloween!! What are you all doing this half term? Are you buzy?  I'm not that buzy so I've got LOADS of time to make blogs, stories and reviews just for you!
23rd Oct 09 16:55
 I have 87 friends so far! I want more! Come on, add me! I want to beat Annoyingthing who has millions. (hard to beat) So come on!
22nd Oct 09 20:38
What are you lot doing for halloween? I want to know. I'm dressing as a witch and going to a party. I want ideas for a grroovvvyyy halloween!!
13th Oct 09 16:06
Years seven is cool but radiowaves is great! Soon I'm going to do a story about our sponsered walk. It's 16 miles and im proberbly going to be tiered!
15th Sep 09 15:38
I'm back and in year 7 now! Talk again later...
18th Feb 09 12:20
We've done a podcast! Hope you like it and that you will take the time to read it.
18th Feb 09 10:14
I'm back at the Radio waves thing! Today we are doing podcasts. When I've done mine I'll put it on so you can all see! 18th February 2009
17th Feb 09 13:34
Here's my latest news! Lol.
Someone has added me! Yey! Hello milmoor fan!
Come on someone else! Add me too! Hehe!
17th Feb 09 12:24
I'm at the media camp and I like it. So far we've had a compertion and (unfortunatly) I didn't win. Anyway, It's really fun, plus I reccomend it to people who are computer wizzes! I give it a 8/1...
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