23rd Sep 11 11:30
Mrs O'Neil picked our Star of the Week this week as she has had fantastic concentration and creative ideas
23rd Sep 11 10:26
We are very excited in Room 4 ! We have been planning our very own picnic with our Teddy Bears. Mrs English has helped us with our good ideas ,we are going to go on a dry sunny Friday afternoon. We w...
9th Sep 11 11:34
We have been very very busy fantastic frogs this week. We are learning to write our letters and numbers properly. We are making rainbow letters and there are 8 fantastic frog star writers in room 4 .
9th Sep 11 11:08
Here is our shining star who has worked really hard this week especially on the computer.
2nd Sep 11 12:13
The whole class are stars of the week. They made up their own class rules and have been trying very hard to follow them. Well done!
2nd Sep 11 11:28
This is the first fabulous full week for the Fantastic Frogs. We have been READING OUR FIRST FABULOUS WORDS!!!! There have been lots of fireworks going off in Room 4. We have had fandabbydoz