15th Mar 12 14:44
This week we have joint stars of the week. These children have shown great improvement in their behaviour in the playground and have earned lots of bonus points.
15th Mar 12 14:32
This week we have been reading lots of Cinderella stories. We have been looking at characters and deciding if a statement is true or false, We have been sequencing the story using picture cards. We we...
9th Mar 12 09:37
Our star of the week has been very brave this week. He bumped his head and did not make a fuss and was very brave when taken to the medical room to get a cold compress. He has been a very good helper ...
9th Mar 12 09:23
Primary one have been using lots of sweeties in our maths and number work. We have been sorting, looking at solid shapes, (cuboids and cylinders) and counting with a variety of sweets.We are goin