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27th Apr 11 13:10
Dunfermline won the league on Saturday because they won at Cappelio Park (Morton FC) but even if they had lost Dunfermline still would of won it because Queen Of The South won against Raith Rovers who
2nd Mar 11 13:20
mines has 32GB which is the biggest you can get and i have nearkly half filled it with apps music videos and pitures. I have a Case so i dont drop it at dunfermline. I have dropped it a couple of time...
23rd Feb 11 13:08
In march all S2 in glenwood are going to be choosing their subjects for 3rd year.I will be definatly chosing; Computing, Physics, Modern Studies, French(continuing)
9th Feb 11 13:19
in P.E i was in goals for Handball and someone threw the ball at the top peg and i dived for it and i fingertip saved it and it went out and it was and AMAZING save
2nd Feb 11 13:20
Dunfermline are going to be on TV when they play Aberdeen in the scottish cup. In Aberdeen at Pitodrie and it's going to be on BBC 1 and i'm going to watch it anyone els watching it
28th Jan 11 20:28
I was playing around with Sumo Paint and came up with this edit for dunfemlineI: Changed the colour scheme on the badge Made a background colour Made a Text BoxWhat
19th Jan 11 13:16
For christmas I got a Laptop, Kinect and a dunfermline keeper top. The keeper top is black and white which is made by puma. The laptop is also black and is made by ADVENT. I was going to the falkirk g...
22nd Dec 10 16:48
I think Rangers FC will win it because they have a strong back defense and good scoring playersThe First Division-I want dunfermline to win but i think it might be Ross County or F
13th Dec 10 18:46
ok my luck is definitely improving first in the radio now on youtubeI slipped on the ice and the fans were shouting "You fell over,You fell over"here is the link But
24th Nov 10 13:15
It's nearly christmas time and we only have a couple of weeks of school left and we will beak off for the christmas holidays. What do you want for christmasI want A Laptop, ki
17th Nov 10 13:17
Seven thousand people packed into east end park to watch the big fife darby and kick off had to be delayed by 10 min to allow all the fans to get onto the stadiumaround 2,000 rovers fan
14th Nov 10 10:24
At the Dunfermline game I sent in a text to BBC radio Scotland saying well done to Willie Gibson for his set up in the 1st pars goal and they read it out and I also mentioned I was a ball boy. they sa...
18th Oct 10 18:37
it's the October holidays today and im gonna play football with ma friends, watch the football and go on radiowaves.wat r u doing ???????
8th Oct 10 19:28
Our glenrothes advert is nearly ready so listen out for all the exciting things to do and see in glenrothes
1st Jul 10 19:18

no more school for 6 weeks


Fast Man
27th Jun 10 12:51
today im goin to the beach to swin in the sea and soakk my brother Sports Man

Fast Man
26th Jun 10 09:40
from monday it will onlly be 4 and a half days till the summer holidays.

this year we are going to Craig Tara

Fast Man
19th Jun 10 09:59
Today I got up and got dressed, my ipod was in my pocket and i thought"I'll charge it up" so i reached in and got my ipod and pulled it out and i ripped my nail off remember the 1 that i knocked out i...
4th May 10 13:13
On the 9th of may dunfermline will be holding their yearly open day. this year sees the return of the markee on the pitch with a rock pool from deep sea world and the army training course and new for ...
27th Apr 10 13:12
Inverness are 1st division champions after only 1 season in the division

inverness will play top flight football next season and are the 1st team to bounce back into the spl


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