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We interviewed an elected member of the Falkland Islands Goverment.
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What we have done.
This is an interview with Mr Scully and Mr and Mrs Morgan.
this is the new music chart show this will be on evry week.hope you enjoy
this was one of the three songs that we sung at our V.E Day Celabration
this is a child's parent at our V.E Day celabration
this is a childs parent at our V.E. day celabration
This is a Blitz Report by FifaMaster66 and Toasterman.
We interviewed Mr Dyer the new P6/7 teacher in our school.
ben worked hard hope you enjoy
Kyle is showing kings road his tallent on his piano.He has worked hard hope you enjoy
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11th Feb 12 09:12
When Miss Smith left I didnt thnk RW would go on but Kara is doing a great job. Its like having a mini Miss Smith I cant wait to see what she will do next.
3rd Feb 12 20:48
I am loving P7 so far.I was scared at first coming up and when Miss Smith left it was bad but when Mrs Ritchie took over it was good. She is a great teacher and P7 is really fun. The work is quite har...
21st Sep 11 16:07
hole is our class novel.In it we are at the part where stanley and zero found a suitcase.And their were yellow spoted lizards in it they had to stay very still.Stanley and Zero found onions and the dr...
16th Sep 11 10:43
My hobby is playing on my playstation 3 I play it in my room.I play with my uncel allan and his friends Gordon,Jamie,Barry and my friend Cain.My favorite games are Black ops,littel big planet and Fifa...
6th Sep 11 14:27
I play football with two teams Rosyth United and the school Kings Road. Kings Road are the sixth best team in Scotland. Ill tell u about some tournaments I have participated in. Fife 5s 1st round and ...
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