9th Mar 11 14:49
Today, I went to school and done my avverage school work. Then I found my friend Samantha who fell on her knee and hurt herself. HOPE UR GETTING BETTA SAMANTHA!
25th Jan 11 19:46
Saturday: I had my friend over for birthday cake and the wii fit( since it was one day after my birthday!)Sunday:Went shopping with my mum and I got a few new books!
6th Dec 10 09:15
OMG guys its snowing! That means I put my school clothes on and coat on for nothing. Grrrr! Bye! ;)
4th Nov 10 09:39
In the October holidays I went up to Dundee to go to a Halloween party with my friend Amy. When Amy and I got there Amy and me were dressed up as a vampire and a dead bride, we had loads of fun! Also ...
18th Oct 10 10:59
Hi people who own computers!! My fave songs are... California girls by Katy Perry. Just the way you are by Bruno Mars. 7 things by Miley Cyrus. The club is alive by JLS.And leave out all the
6th Oct 10 16:11
HI my name is flower05 and at my school we are doing a Scotia Book Challenge.Scotia book challenge is when we have to read ten chapter books in seven weeks! I've already done all my books my tenth boo...