2nd May 09 15:54
we played letham today and they beat us 8-2 but they tried to play chap door run on us but me and my two friends got them back!!!!
14th Apr 09 12:24
This is about my football team raith Rovers U13
We beat St andrews 4-2 !!!!!!
Our goalie is called Chealsea she is great!!!!
I am a winger and my best friend plays defence or midfield...
6th Apr 09 17:54
SATURDAYS are the best girl group eva
I lov all their songs like issues,work,up and just cant get enough.My fav songs are Just can't get enough and UP. 
My have girl singer is Miley Cyrus she i...
30th Mar 09 16:17
i went to Kingdom FM today with the was great we hot to speak on kingdom fm.a guy called Darren showed us around.We were distracting the presentor by sayin stuff in his ear. it was GREAT!!!!...
14th Mar 09 14:10
today i had a Scottish Cup match against a team from Glasgow we lost 11-1
i scored our goal!!!!!on Thursday i got Speakers for my ipod they are really cool
RED NOSE DAY Was THE BEST our class raised...
9th Mar 09 16:53
we got a new car on Friday it is a toyota and i had a football match on saturday.We lost against Cupar violets this saturday we have a scottish cup match, hope we win!!!!!!!After that i got a ipod nan...
6th Mar 09 17:36
I had to take sports stuff to school for golden time which was themed event our theme was sport.I took my man u top in and trackies.Then i went with my dad to pick up our new car.We have a footba...
5th Mar 09 18:25
I dressed up today as a character in a book for world book day. I dressed up as a best so did 2 of my friends and my other friend was goldilocks.We used face paints for the bears and goldilocks had re...
4th Mar 09 16:45
i like football which is why my name is footie101.Also i like swimming ,tennis and ice skating . i play for a girls football team and i support manchester united