27th Feb 12 19:08
NOTE: Singles from my album released every month.In english, we were told to make poems on different scenarios. A sunsetA favelaso I decided to make lyri
22nd Feb 12 21:17
me pochamer and wiggglituff are working hard to make part 3- 6episode 1 and 2 have been released. episode 3 will be very funny, but we havnt released it yet as it is 6 minutes long so we wil
22nd Feb 12 21:11
The teachers of whitchurch found TONS of mechanical lego and gave it to MOI to build.I have made a printer so far and i am working on the greenhouse
15th Feb 12 21:06
i dont know when i will release my album, but i will release 2 versions. the normal version (with 11 tracks) and a DELUXE album with bonus tracks, remixes and radio edits.i am working on the
10th Feb 12 19:36
we just finished recoring the 3rd an 4th one
6th Feb 12 15:59
It finally started on saturday the 4th. it is funnier than ever!
6th Feb 12 15:57
wow. only last year i was saying "i wont reach 100 blogs by next year"
6th Feb 12 15:54
On Saturday night, snow finally reached London!It stayed until sunday and still now (monday)I made a sculpture of a pokemon. i will upload a picture of that soon
5th Feb 12 11:21
1. I experiment with different genres such as a bit of rock, pop and electronic (sometimes disco)2. It has 2 discs of amazingness3. Each song has taken at least a day to make (and
3rd Feb 12 16:04
It will have 2 discs.I have thought that i had completed the 1st disc but i had to delete the boring songs and start overI will put a preview of it on one of my storiesi have
2nd Feb 12 16:58