6th Jan 10 12:02
Mini8 is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
6th Jan 10 11:53
When I went to Scotland for New Year, I had the most amazing sausages. I loved their porkiness!

4th Jan 10 09:11
Happy New Year
the holiday went too quick
hope it snows so we go home or the boiler breaks
15th Dec 09 13:11
I have just found out that he plays Robert Digarry. Harry Potter is useless
15th Dec 09 13:03
Mini8 gave me an awesome present. That is so cool. I can not say what it is......
15th Dec 09 12:58
I can not wait for the film to come out but Bella is a 2 timing potato! How can u 2 time on Edward. He is cute as. In Eclipse, Victoria is still trying to kill Bella.
Jacob was going to commi...
15th Dec 09 12:54
On Monday we had our jab and my arm still hurts.
14th Dec 09 12:46
I can not believe Joe won X Factor

Go Joe
but it was only because the song choice was a song that Joe can sing and Olly can not but Olly was a good singer