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The debate continues on how to develop young talented footballers
The Opening Ceremony and draw of the Manchester United Premier Cup - it's shaping up to be an exciting tournament
Reporters' reflections on the visit
We were lucky enough to lead the procession of athletes and counties at the final closing ceremony of the Pacific Mini Games. Here is an insight into the ceremony.
Find out how the Tsunami affected the people from Samoa and American Samoa
Michael Rocklinger and Barbara Stubbing
We went to CIFA stadium to catch up with the Niue touch rugby team
Any plans to visit Rarotonga? Here's a video of some of the best places on the Island! VOTE NOW!!!
Welcome to Rarotonga, but what are we doing here?
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7th Aug 10 15:29
Well i have just completed my week of training to become a trainer. I have enjoyed of the week so much, i have had a lovely time at the Manchester United Premier Cup and have enjoyed watching all the ...
20th Sep 09 05:16
First day, well where do i start. we woke up to amazing weather. We then strolled down to breakfast, and found the best juice in the WORLD. Later we produced a video which is really good ! check it ou...
9th Jul 09 20:48
IM BACK, been away for a while due to exams and what not but im back!
And what a way to come back with such a big opportunity. IM quite nervous about it all as im not a major fan of F1 so im not very...
27th Feb 09 10:49
Sorry its late but i really want to go
so hopefully i will make the reserves
well who ever goes have fun
2nd Feb 09 13:06
Heloo. Well i have really enjoyed today because i recapped my memory on different ways in which to create a shot. Also i learnt different ways in which to set up a shot with lighting. hopfully i will ...
2nd Feb 09 13:06
Heloo. Well i have really enjoyed today because i recapped my memory on different ways in which to create a shot. Also i learnt different ways in which to set up a shot with lighting. hopfully i will ...
28th Oct 08 19:44
Well hello........ Its been to long......
Im very excited  about the future of supporter 2 reporter
Also the mentoring
well i just wanted to say I CANT WAIT !!!!!
Bye x
14th Aug 08 15:53
Today we went into town and asked the public how they feel about the games so far. We had a great day and i really enjoyed it.
9th Aug 08 10:54
We turned the TV on at 1:08 and there it was. A truly amazing site. So many colours were flying around the stadium. There was so many people packed into "The Birds Nest". I wish i was there to experie...
8th Aug 08 18:07
When i arrived at LCCC this morning i was quite sure what was going to happen. So i found out. I was actually looking forward to the Olympics in Beijing. I Choose the Host nation China to follow. I wi...
29th Jul 08 13:17
We had the amazing chance to report at the 80th Anniversary of speedway at Belle Vue. The night was brilliant. We even got to interview some star riders and the owner of Belle Vue. I really enjoyed th...
27th Jul 08 19:09
Was an amazing........ we had so much fun and i really enjoyed it..... there was alot of hardwork but it paid off...... i would just like to thank the whole team......
24th Jul 08 10:23
Heloor....... guess what ????........ your going to see me tomorrow.......
I cant wait....... the final will be a great game and im really looking forward to be reporting on the game..... so see you...
12th Jul 08 12:23
Hellor s2r it seems like ages since i last seen you guys...... well im still thinking bowt what i want to do in summer..... but for some reason speedway keeps popping up in my mind...... i really dont...
3rd Jul 08 20:22
Im looking forward to the events that are happening in summer. For example i would like to report at the archery and definatly the motor racing because that is something i show interest to.
3rd Jul 08 20:20
Well my highlight of today was meeting all the new people. They seem rather nice. Also seeing all the other people i havent seen in a while. It was like an S2R reunion.
3rd Jul 08 20:18
Well as you know it was the first day of Phase 3. Basically i helped some of the new reporters with editing and operating the kits. It was rather enjoyable.
1st Jul 08 12:22
Not to long to phase 3 now !!!!!!!!!
Cant wait shall be very good.
Im looking forward to meeting all the knew people and the ones i already know again
see you on thurs
3rd Jun 08 10:27

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