29th Oct 11 12:13
On 28th Friday October my friend came for a visit! We invited her because we we wanted to see a movie called Lion King 3D. Suddenly the song played! Whilst my friend and my brother were watching Lion ...
19th Oct 11 18:27
If you want to have amoving and sparle picture go on! Then at the top enter what you like for e
19th Oct 11 18:22
Thankyou everyone who are my friends! I am so so happy that I have 246 friends. I hope i will have more friends in the future!!!!!!!! So thankyou everyone who are being my friends!
17th Oct 11 19:02
There is a book called Street Child who is written by Belie Doherty. This book is setted in the Victorian times and it is a adventurous book too read! There is a young boy called Jim Jarvis and he is ...
17th Oct 11 18:12
On the 10th October Monday 2011 we were meant to go to the V&A Museum. We were all very excited. I was talking to my partnerwhile we were walkng.When we arrived to the train station our teacher s
17th Oct 11 13:35
On the 16th October Sunday I went to my cousins house. My cousins house was in Swaffield. Once me and my family arrived we sat down on a white and soft sofa it was only me my brother and sister whilst
15th Oct 11 14:13
The reason why I like radiowaves is because you can make profiles, send comments, make stories, make blogs and make polls! Thats the reason I like Radiowaves!
15th Oct 11 13:52
Well hello their! My name is Girl 2 Girl and radiowaves is one of my favourite websites! My favourite colour is all and my favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid because it is intersting! My favourite...
13th Oct 11 16:06
On the 13th October Thursday 2011 it was our harvest assembly. Some of our parents were included in the harvest assembly too. The harvest assembly was all about Somalia. First we sang a son
10th Oct 11 18:54
What did i do on that day................On the 5th October we visited the Junior Citizen Ship with my whole class.First we walked to Garrte Lane from Rivesdale. Whilst we were walking I