21st Jul 12 17:21
On 19/07/12 it was prize day. Well in our school we have prize day. Prize day means when students from each class get trophies and nominees. Nominees can come from each class. When they called ou
22nd Jun 12 16:43
Today it was KS1 and KS2 sports day on 22/06/12. This sports day took place at Southfeilds Community collage! First it was yr1 who did the race then it was yr2, yr3...... When it was my turn I was fee...
22nd Jun 12 16:37
I have made this picture for DPRAINBOW! DPRAINBOW told me that she wanted Selena Gomez so i made a picture for her! So please ask me if you want to! Don't be scared tell me what picture you want!
22nd Jun 12 16:06
On 19/06/12 all the girls in year 5 visited Roehampton University. A University is were people have there graduation. The reason why we went was because we wanted to know how life was in University. ...
17th Jun 12 13:49
I have made this picture for dora123! I hope you like the blingee of Miley Cyrus. If any one wants to have a blingee just ask me and tell me what picture you want! Don't worry don't be scared I'll mak...
10th Jun 12 16:15
On Sunday June 3rd 2012 me, my brother and sister (Gold Gabriella) visited Battersea Park! We waited there for 1 hour because all the buses were fulled for 44! Finally we got a bus! After a while we g
6th Jun 12 17:20
I really wish my grandmother gets better! It has been about 3 months since she is in the hospital. Please pray everyone that she gets better! Well she can't open her eyes because she is deeply asleep!...
2nd Jun 12 15:51
Last month my dad went Germany because my grandmother was very very ill!:( It has been 1 month add 2 days since he has gone! I miss him soo much! Here as well, he might come back on a Tuesday or a Wed...
30th May 12 16:52
I hope everyone is having a good day! Well today I was looking on images and I saw this picture saying HAVE A GOOD DAY! So I thought I could write a blog! Bye the way I hope everyone is having a great...
27th May 12 15:43
I have been waiting since months to get 1000 friends! It was one of my goals! Thank you everyone who is my friend! Thankfully I have reached my goal!:)
26th May 12 09:48
Well last Tuesday me and the whole girls of yr 5 were doing Mosaic. Mosaic was founded by Prince Charles in 2007.Let me tell you what Mosaic is first! Mosaic creates opportunities for young peopl
11th May 12 16:57
Well for the last couple of weeks me and my whole class have been focusing on a subject Enabling Enterprise. Enterprise means a scheme or a project. My teams name is called C.T.O which stands for Crea
21st Apr 12 14:27
Today 21st April Saturday 2012 it was Horse Riding! It was in Islamabad in the country side. The horse I ridded on was a brown horse and her name was Shakira! Shakira is a very naughty horse unfortuna...
10th Apr 12 12:08
A couple of months ago my cousin was pregnant! On 7th April Saturday 2012 my cousin gave birth to a boy!:) We were all happy! Unfortunately I would not able to see it due to, I am in Germany! But when...
3rd Apr 12 11:01
On March 31st Saturday 2012 me and my family visited Germany for a couple of days. We traveled by a Ferry which was the P&0 Ferry! We woke at 4:00 and left the house at 5:00.We got to Dover at 7:
28th Mar 12 16:24
I can't believe that the Easter holidays are coming! In the Easter holidays I'm visiting to another country. Today is 28th March Wednesday 2012 so there is about 2 days more until the Easter holidays!
24th Mar 12 10:25
This week we have been focusing and basing on two festivals Holi and Easter. The first couple of days we learn't about Holi then the other couple of days we learn't about Easter!On Monday mo
24th Mar 12 09:53
Yesterday early moring, our whole school was dressed up in our fancy clothes. In the afternoon we had visited Southfields Community Collage to run a mile around the whole park!Once we got th
18th Mar 12 10:32
Todays mothers day on Sunaday 18th March. I hope my mother will have a great day!But the thing I'm worried about is that I HAVEN'T BOUGHT MY MUM A PRESENT! However my mum doesn't mind at all. Alt
16th Mar 12 17:51
Well let me tell you first what Friday Sermon means.The Friday Sermon is read every Friday. The Jum'ah (Friday) prayer is one form of congregational worship in Islam. Regular attendance and
9th Mar 12 16:51
Oh my God I can't believe I have 770 many friends! Thank you everyone who are my friends and thanks to approving my pending request and added me as a friend. Please anyone who is not my friend please ...
7th Mar 12 11:25
On Febuary 28th Kola the Athlete visited our school. Kola is presenting Britian in the Olympics. He is a great triple jumper which he showed us in front of the whole school! As soon as he came to
14th Feb 12 11:14
Today is my birthday on Valentines day. I am sooooo glad! I have been waiting for such a long time but the thing is that I'm getting older every year! I hope this will be the best birthday ever!!!!!!!...
3rd Feb 12 18:35
I can't believe my birthday is coming up! I have been waiting for ages. My bithday is on 14th Febuary. There is 11 more days until my bithday!
26th Jan 12 16:01
I can't believe that I have 600 friends on radiowaves! Thank you everyone who has been a great friend. Please be my friend only if you want to. I don't mind because it is your own thoughts towards it,...