28th Mar 12 16:24
I can't believe that the Easter holidays are coming! In the Easter holidays I'm visiting to another country. Today is 28th March Wednesday 2012 so there is about 2 days more until the Easter holidays!
24th Mar 12 10:25
This week we have been focusing and basing on two festivals Holi and Easter. The first couple of days we learn't about Holi then the other couple of days we learn't about Easter!On Monday mo
24th Mar 12 09:53
Yesterday early moring, our whole school was dressed up in our fancy clothes. In the afternoon we had visited Southfields Community Collage to run a mile around the whole park!Once we got th
18th Mar 12 10:32
Todays mothers day on Sunaday 18th March. I hope my mother will have a great day!But the thing I'm worried about is that I HAVEN'T BOUGHT MY MUM A PRESENT! However my mum doesn't mind at all. Alt
16th Mar 12 17:51
Well let me tell you first what Friday Sermon means.The Friday Sermon is read every Friday. The Jum'ah (Friday) prayer is one form of congregational worship in Islam. Regular attendance and
9th Mar 12 16:51
Oh my God I can't believe I have 770 many friends! Thank you everyone who are my friends and thanks to approving my pending request and added me as a friend. Please anyone who is not my friend please ...
7th Mar 12 11:25
On Febuary 28th Kola the Athlete visited our school. Kola is presenting Britian in the Olympics. He is a great triple jumper which he showed us in front of the whole school! As soon as he came to