28th Jun 08 19:24
Me at glastonbury. Niamh
28th Jun 08 19:22
There sre loads of oppotunities for kids to get involved. Harriet seymour
28th Jun 08 18:16
here at the kidz field at glastonbury  festival  there is many  interesting things to do,like  spinning  dizzily around in the gyroscopes, or  watching puppet shows in th...
28th Jun 08 16:54
hey as you may have known i had a really tough decision to make about yesterday night about what i was going to do i had so many options but in the end i went to see the fratellis who were absolutely ...
28th Jun 08 15:30
Hi im sophia thetford and sitting next 2 me is holly allen  we have been 2 glastonbury festival and it was fab, we have seen loads of famous singers and bands, we have been on tv, we have been ch...
28th Jun 08 14:05
>From Josh B - it came through
28th Jun 08 13:30
Glastonbury is a great place. It's a long way from home. It feels like a 2nd home! Glastonbury is amazing but I don't know how I can do everything in a few days. My name is Patrick and I am 9 years ol...
28th Jun 08 13:25
Niamh lawton
28th Jun 08 13:08
Savanna doin my blog
28th Jun 08 12:36
we arrived yesterday and we  watched 2 bands. i really enjoy it here because you can see soooo many bands and many famous people!
28th Jun 08 12:13
Hi Savanna Reporting From Glastonbury The Sun Is Shining And The Kids Field Is Fab.
Last Night I Saw Estelle At The Jazz Stage She Was Fantastic.
Tonight Im Going To The Pyramid To See Jay-z  A...
28th Jun 08 12:10
Do you like my face? Ellie, 9.
28th Jun 08 12:00
The swings Luke
28th Jun 08 12:00
28th Jun 08 11:48
I. Have. Been on this 5 times. X xxx
28th Jun 08 11:19
In Glastonbury its so much fun for the kids.Its not all about getting drunk the kids take a part in Glastonbury as it shows on the pictures there is plays for baby's to watch as well so remember to ta...
28th Jun 08 10:52
there is lots of mud and you can always see it

i went to the circus and i seen some girls and they where good and i loved them

i think glastonbury ...
27th Jun 08 20:27
i went to see kate nash then went to the circus tent and saw some really great acts like norbi who is an outstanding juggler and is brilliant on the diabalo i also saw the black eagles who are acrobat...