28th Apr 12 12:02
On 27th/04/2012 i found out that I had won the youngwirter award.It says:This is a certificate of merit to certift that ME (not mentioning the name) has written a creative piece of dist
21st Apr 12 15:26
Today,on Sunday the 22nd of April wewent to the country side. This part of the country side was Ahmadi muslims and it is called Islamabad. Well me and my whole family went there.When we got
13th Apr 12 11:48
Well my grandmother now is not speaking, talking or looking. I am really worried. Now I have to miss my cousins wedding but not valima. A valmia is when you celebrate that the bride has gone
12th Apr 12 19:07
On 11th Wednesday April 2012 unfortunately we found out that my grandmother was really ill. My dad said that we should stay a few more days so we can spend more time with her!!!!I was really
9th Apr 12 13:24
Happy Easter even though I do not celebrate it!Hope all of you a great time!Yes and I am going to meet my cousin today as well sobye-byesee u all tomorrow on Radiowa
9th Apr 12 12:54
On 8th April me and my family went to the hospital.My grandmother was very very ill so she fainted.BUt now she is alright she is still in the hospital. Her hand has turned black because
9th Apr 12 11:23
On 7th April 2012 my cousin gave birth to a little baby boy! I was very sad because I could not meet it because I am in Germany, Frankfurt! I really wish to see it!I love babies, they are so
2nd Apr 12 10:19
wow so far Germany has been great! I met my cousin who is 1 years old he is sooo cute. When I was going home (where I was staying) my cousin started to cry and said that he wanted to go with me but he