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If you see something offensive on a social networking site, do you report it?
Safer Internet Day 2013
We celebrated the achievements of the LS Live 2012 team
Looking back over my reporting
We caught up with wheelchair sprinter Hannah who won Gold medals in both the T34 100m & 200m
Dan spoke to us about the Paralympic flame event and disability sport facilities
We spoke to Ross Bibby at the Paralympic flame celebration
We got the chance to chat to Jack at the Athletes Homecoming in Leeds
We chatted with the Chairman and a member of the team at the Paralympic Flame celebration
We met Nicola's family at the Athletes homecoming event at Millennium Square
We interviewed visitors at the flame celebration at John Charles Centre for Sport
LSLive 2012 Reporters quiz the Brownlee Brothers on their return to Yorkshire
The Special City Celebration in Leeds celebrates the Olympic torch passing through on its relay around the UK!
This is my interview with an up-and-coming band from Leeds.
Report on a tennis tournament
This is our behind the scenes video of the trampolining club at Roundhay High School
Some highlights from the day
As part of his visit to the John Charles Centre for Sport
Nicky Ball From Screen Yorkshire
It's all about my dog, Simba.
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2nd Dec 12 16:32
You may have seen #MozFest! several times all over Twitter and elsewhere, and wondered what it was. Well, I can reveal that it was an amazing, weekend-long event, run by Mozilla as a part of their ope...
31st Aug 12 22:05
I have just got back from watching and then interviewing the band Middleman, who played at Chapel Allerton Arts Festival in Leeds!Becca and I had a great time meeting and interviewing them- such
23rd Aug 12 22:03
Hey guys! So, there's this LOCOG (London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) programme called Young Presenters that I've been taking part in since March this year. Maybe you've heard of it? Th...
29th May 12 18:15
The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is the international celebration throughout 2012 marking the 60th anniversary of her being on the throne. She ascended to the throne aged 25, after her father...
19th May 12 18:08
Step 1: Get organised!Plan out your time early so that you know when to revise what. This will not only help you revise more but will keep you calm enough to be productive.Step 2: Prior
10th Apr 12 21:29
Becca and I split the roles evenly, whilst creating our video on an after school trampolining club's thoughts on the Olympics 2012. I introduced the video, explaining where we were and what our focus ...
14th Mar 12 13:55
I'm currently doing some preparation for doing sports reports in the build up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. So far I have looked at camera angles and devised some tips for when someone is repor...
5th Mar 12 15:44
A video on me and why I hope to be an Olympic reporter.
26th Nov 11 21:20
The 2012 Olympics is being held in London in the United Kingdom from 27 July to 12 August. As of 26 November 2011, 144 nations have qualified at least one athlete. After previously hosting it in 1908 ...
13th Jul 11 13:10
We spent the day talking all about illegally downloading music. After a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages for everyone involved in the music industry, we split into two groups- boys vs...
12th Jul 11 14:08
On my second day, we went to the North Ballet and filmed a dance class for over 55's. They did a starting exercise to get to know each other's names, then a warm-up, followed by a dance routine. We fi...
12th Jul 11 13:47
Today was my first day of work experience at radiowaves. I started by doing a vox pop (asking the public a few questions) about Leeds and the improvements they would make to it, with fellow workmates