7th Mar 13 17:49
This book has over 700 pages and I think 20 chapters!!-I'm on page 40... and on chapter 5-this is going to take me for EVER!!!!!
7th Mar 13 17:42
When I’m older I would like to be a journalist or maybe something different I'm sill thinking!-????????????????????????????????-
7th Mar 13 16:06
DO YOU LIKE IT??????????????????????????????????????????
25th Feb 13 17:32
Pick your favourite picture of One Direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9th Mar 12 20:32
Did you herd Gotye sombody that i used to know?If you didn't you need to SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9th Mar 12 20:15
Do you know how many times did Nicky Minaj die her hair??But i don't!!!???
7th Mar 12 18:03
OMG look at that dog
1st Feb 12 18:21
I have a dog her name is Lilly do you like her.
16th Nov 11 14:31
On 18th November 2011 in Rockingham Primary School.Every one going to wear something with spots or something yellow or your school uniform.You will need to bring £1.00.And you can buy a wrist band wit...
13th Nov 11 17:48
Which dog is better?Add a comment;)
5th Oct 11 09:54
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