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About Me
I play classical piano, write computer code in various programming languages, and read. I like to debate against evolution for Intelligent Design.


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My Stories
My Stories
How has Valley Forge's weather changed since 1778?
The Battle of Lexington - The Dramatic Events of April 19, 1775
Joshua's Character Sketch of Preston Smith, a fictional lawyer from the 1700s.
The Tipping Points of the Renaissance
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My Blog
My Blog
1st May 12 00:05
Dear Diary,The French navy and our heavy artillery have been bombarding the city of Yorktown for two weeks now! Will the British inside ever surrender? I was eager with anticipation for them
17th Apr 12 19:30
Dear Diary,We arrived at Valley Forge, Massachusetts last month with General George Washington, the commander of the Continental Army. The conditions are harsh, with very cold weather, snow,
28th Mar 12 22:30
Dear Diary,I am excited that there is finally a way for all these unfair taxes to be lifted. As much as I would not like as extreme a solution as war, it is our only choice. I like the new n
27th Mar 12 17:38
Dear Diary,Today, the redcoats gathered at the Village Green. Many minutemen came to confront the redcoats. However, their captain, Captain John Parker, ordered them not to fire! There was a
22nd Mar 12 18:06
Dear Diary, The Town Crier read a message that the First Continental Congress had convened recently! I think that they finally should do something about these taxes. However, General Gag
19th Feb 12 04:44
Andreas Vesalius was born in Brussels at 5:45 AM on December 31, 1514. He grew up to become a Flemish anatomist and physician. One of his greatest contributions to medicine was the writing of De human...
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