19th Sep 13 14:30
I'm going to have a little baby sister!!! I already have a little sister so now I'm going to have 2. I'm super duper excited. She is due on the 2nd of February 2014. My mum is 20 weeks and a half preg...
6th Jun 13 14:25
I need your help on 2 good boys names and 4 good girls names. It is for one of my stories coming out soon :) Thank You!I also need help on a good dogs name and a cats name. The cat is a girl and the d...
7th May 13 14:16
This weekend has been pretty boring. I was off school for 4 whole days! I felt much, much better on Sunday. It turns out that I had a virus. One minute I was hot the next minute I was cold, I have bee...
24th Apr 13 13:15
Hi I'm just making this random blog because I don't know what to do! Oops!!! I'm at club in school with SuperGirl103.
29th Jan 13 16:52
I just found out that I got my starter badge! I'm so happy :)
19th Jan 13 21:18
Here is your Blingee Emski.Hope you like it xx
11th Jan 13 21:03
I am going to start making a story, so if you comment below on what I should do the story about and where it takes place and the characters names. Thank You, if I get enough comments I will
31st Dec 12 21:39
Hi, I got a new MH (Monster High) doll with my Christmas money. She is my new favourite doll and I love her so much. She is from the MH set Scaris. Her name is Clawdeen Wolf.P.S.Again, sorry
1st Nov 12 20:52
I GET TO MEET... AMELIA LILY! She is my cousin from Englands friend and I get to meet her in 2 or 3 weeks! I will meet her twice because she is going to be at the town centre on the Sunday 18th of Nov...
11th Oct 12 21:21
Guess what!Today my mum said that I could go to youth club with PinkWombat. I'm so so so excited and I can't wait, PinkWombat said she is going to do the X factor at the youth club and I can
3rd Oct 12 13:16
I wrote this random thing at club today.I am at club right now with PinkWombat sitting next to me right now, on my right hand side she has something to say so I am goin
14th Sep 12 15:24
On Monday we had gym first thing. I wore my gym stuff to school because we were allowed. After break we done our Ispelling and my group done backwords words. On Tuesday we done Ispelling again and thi...
12th Sep 12 17:41
Hi xxThis is a Blingee for PinkWombat only!If you want one just ask me and I will make it as fast as I can for you and if I forget just remind me. PinkWombat asked me at school and she
7th Sep 12 15:03
I made a picture for Dogs30 of Katy Perry and if you don't like it just tell me and if you do like it I hope to see it as your profile picture.This picture is only for Dogs30 if you want a b
6th Aug 12 21:28
If you want me to make you blingee tell me in the comments and exactly what you want on the blingee I will try and do it as fast as I can. If I make you a blingee I don't want you to change about 2 m...
8th Jun 12 16:51
This week I have been watching SpongeBob Top 100 because I LOVE SpongeBob ( As a TV programe )I can't wait to find out who number one is!JUST HAV
8th Jun 12 16:43
On Saturday I got a Dance Party 2012 CD from Argos in Kirkcaldy and I haven't stopped listening to it since. It has singers like: One Direction, Tulisa, Carly Rae Jepson, Cover Drive, The Saturdays, D...
8th Jun 12 16:34
My Auntie broke her foot by SHUFFLING. Her ankle just popped and she left it for 3 days before she went to the hospital. Me, my little sister, mum, gran and my papa were in Rej
7th Jun 12 18:44
On Saturday I got a new Monster High Doll. She is called Abbey Bominable. She is a Skull Shores doll and she is my NEW favourite! I love her so much! She had a side pony tail but I didn't like it so I...
7th Jun 12 18:37
I found a Moustache game on Nick.Co.UK. It is called Moustache bash and you have to keep Tori out of Victorious on the Moustache for at least 30 seconds. I kept falling of the Moustache.But Tori looks
23rd May 12 13:19
SkippingGirl is the winner to Guess the Singer 2! Me and SuperGirl103 want to say well done!Congratulations you deserve it!
12th May 12 18:10
Guess what there is a winner to my Guess the singer story already!!!!!!!!! And it is ................................ PINKWOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to say well done there will be more competit...
19th Apr 12 08:46
here is a picture of me and my special little blackberry that I got in Aberdeen the day after I saw JLS if you want to find out more about it check out my blog My New Phone!!!!!!! Hope
17th Apr 12 19:42
On the 4th of April I got a new phone. It is a blackberry curve and its purple, its a really awesome phone I got it in Aberdeen the day after I went to the JLS concert I wish I got it before though be...
29th Mar 12 18:59
I'm sooooooooooo sad!!!!! :L because it is my last day at school on Friday the 30th of March 2012. I will miss all my friend soooooooo sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!! I'm coming around to all my friend on ...