10th Feb 12 22:34
Can you please come up with 2 names for Ella, Stella and Bella because their mum is having a baby soon! Thank you soooooooo much xxxxxx
10th Feb 12 19:17
Here is my picture of my character that I made for PinkWombats competiton for charcters this is my charcter clawdra xxxx
6th Feb 12 12:16
I was sick on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So I watched a film called Soul Surfer it is about a girl called Bethany Hamilton and she wants to become a professional surfer...
5th Feb 12 19:01
My character is clawdra she is a wolf. She is 16 is monster years. her favourite colours are pink and gold. she goes to monster high. Her best friends Lagoona and Operetta. I will put up a picture soo