15th May 09 22:10
HBK shawn micheals
15th May 09 22:05
8th May 09 18:24
This is darkrai
8th May 09 18:22
This is giratina original form.
8th May 09 18:19
This is giratina alteredl form.
8th May 09 18:15
This is arceus
8th May 09 18:10
This is sneasal
9th Dec 08 08:29
on saturday im going to a grading to try and get my yellow belt in karate.
the belts are white red orange yellow green purple purple and white brown second brown brown and white black.

8th Dec 08 08:42
on sunday i got a 3rd place medal at a karate took me one hour and a half to get there and back.My brother Ryan got second.Ryan has 8 medals and 4 throphies and i have four medals.
19th Nov 08 10:58
on saturday i went to get trained by a former 9 time world karate champion.His name was paul newbay.the whole club went to get trained by him.We got trained by him before as well.
13th Nov 08 15:18
on sunday i got a medal in the shotokan 2000 championships at leven.
2nd Nov 08 19:15
i got a medal at wishaw on sunday november 9th 08. i beat two people then got beat by the third.there was nine people in my category.
27th Oct 08 19:05
on saturday i got 3rd in a karate competition in cowdenbeath.
27th Oct 08 18:29
on sunday im going to a karate competition in wishaw.
my brother is going to as well
3rd Oct 08 17:49