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25th Feb 13 15:45
In class we are learning about the Victorian times. Also we have recently finished our fantastic wall display. Our main points were industrial revelations, children at work, transport, home life and f...
29th Oct 12 14:15
On the 20th October I entered a golf competition at Cluny Clays. Most of the course was waterloged so we had to do 4 holes instead of 9. There was 20 people in total and I came 4th. I was a little dis...
5th Feb 12 17:54
The final update from one of the biggest matches . Chelsea were 3-0 up with a 30 minutes to play but things will change. Two penaltys were gave to united. 5 minutes to play and hernandes headed in. En...
5th Feb 12 16:47
If you are not watching the game just to update you that it half chelsea are wining 1~0. Come on united
5th Feb 12 16:25
Recently, the eco party had done a petition to get classroom pets . Mrs Bruce said that it was a great idea . So we went up to pets at home to look at the type of fish there were . If you want a clasr...
29th Nov 11 11:28
On saturday night I got player of the year.I was so pleased.
21st Nov 11 20:14
Vote for the best programme. Mine is ant farm
21st Nov 11 20:05
Which program would you vote for. I prefer Wizards of Waverley Place
17th Nov 11 14:52
In class we're making our own political parties. They are eco , health and wellbeing , curriculum and outdoors. I am in the eco group. To decide these parties we had a vote.
1st Nov 11 13:55
During the October holidays my mum, my dad, my brother and I went to Brighton for a week. First we went to the Amex stadium. Amex stands for American express. We went to the shop and I bought the...
7th Sep 11 16:26
I was at the scotland vs lithaunia football game in Glasgow. I got money to spend on food. Darren Fletcher missed a penalty but scotland won 1~0naismith scored
31st Aug 11 11:59
My country is France. my team is Mhoren and Amy. We made a flag for our wall and also made an miny county and a slip that said France. we had to reaserch in a book. this picture is the euro star in ...
17th Aug 11 10:01
in my summer holidays i went over to my auntie vivs and uncle richards for 4 days. we went bird watching and so lots of was also my birthday and i got golf clubs. we went to cluny c
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