12th Mar 12 14:10
on the weekend I was on the couch and watched sponge Bob and I watched Tracy Beaker then I went to the shop and I got a milk shake.
20th Feb 12 14:30
I went to Asda and my brothers played i-spy in the car and my sisters and my brothers and I got a milk shake.
27th Dec 11 14:41
For Christmas i got .......... 1. 2 dolls 2. a lovely card of my cousin 3. hot water bottle 4. pjs 5. a jumper 6. gloves 7. DVD player 8. sweets 9. to
8th Nov 11 09:38
At the weekendI got newshoes forme
9th Oct 11 08:46
On the 11th October it's my birthday and i can't wait. On the 22nd October I'm having a birthday party and I've invited 6 people and i don't know whos all coming and whos not. 3 days ago it was my mum...
5th Sep 11 12:06
I got grounded last Monday for going to the skate park because i was meant to go to the park outside my house. My big brother went to his friends house and forgot to take love heart 101 with him and i...
29th Aug 11 14:12
on Friday i went to ASDA with love heart 101 and Leo 460 and the rest of my family. I asked if i could go in and i did but it's not fair because i get to go in but the rest stays in the car. I got a c...
29th Aug 11 14:00
Over the weekend i went swimming with love heart 101 and my Gran. We had so much fun. I went in the little end and love heart 101 and my Gran went in the big end. I had a Peppa pig towell and my Gran ...
7th Jul 11 13:27
On the 14th July I will be going to a after school club at Caskebern primary and I'm nervis. On Friday 1st July my big sister love heart 101 went shopping with my mum and she got new trainers and a mi...
12th Jun 11 13:38
3 weeks ago my puppies was born and they are so cute. my big sisters love heart 101 and leo460 is kepping one called taz and the rest is called Tj, milky, yasmin and lucy. There is five in total and t...