My Stories
My Stories
Here I have some facts about Russia and a mascot I made up, want to know more? Read on...
All you need to know about grammar - the most tedious subject in the world!
I belive all children should go to school.
Three legendary birds fight-Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos!
Here is a review of my time in year 5.
Download this doccument and see if you believe it's true.
At school we are focusing on the book called Way Home and I have re-written the start. I hope you en
I may not be a young carer but I am giving support to all young carers along with some statistics.
Legends fight but only one can survive...Who wins? You decide!
This is my design for the design a theme competition
Richmond borough sports is coming up and my school is recruting the best students!
Makewaves is ten!
This briefing we have the winner of round 2 and round 3: Thumpback vs. Eye-brawl!
We have performed the famous poem by Alfred Noyes.
There is a poem called 'The Highwayman' and I have rewritten the ending read to find out what happens!
Football club Sunderland lose first match with their new manager.
Chelsea won themselves a replay from being 2-0 down to a 2-2 draw!
Sportswomen are underpaid and not supported enough because women's sport is not shown as often as men's.
Wayne Rooney's career as a footballer playing for Man united could be over!
One of my favourite books I finished recently-Spikefin The Water King! Written by Adam Blade.
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My Blog
21st Jun 13 12:41
On Godzilla vs King Kong Godzilla is winning two votes to none. So currently Godzilla is wiping the floor with King Kong but you can change it!
12th Apr 13 09:57
Yesterday I went my local GAME store (in kingston upon thames) and I brought my DSI and my sisters DS with Pokemon Black version 2 and Pokemon White version. Because of the special event at GAME store...
8th Apr 13 10:14
Last week I went to Argos and bought a pokemon card tin. With Argos you don't know what you're getting-you usually get to choose but because there was only one tin left in stock it was luck of the dra...
8th Feb 13 16:56
I need to know who you think should win each battle from the tournament of the sky! After this tournament I'll do a villains battle tournament where the villains of skylanders giants fight to be the b...
7th Jan 13 10:45
I went to game yesterday and bought pokemon mystery dungeons explorers of darkness. It's an awesome game where you have to answer a quiz about yourself which will decide what pokemon you will become i...
2nd Jan 13 15:20
I've almost finished Skylanders Giants! Only 2 more levels to go! I'ts getting really hard because the enemies are really strong. I know I'm going to have to find as much in-game money for my skylande...
21st Dec 12 16:22
I got Skylanders Giants for my birthday!!!! I need to do a lot more in the game because I'm only on level 3! Do you have the game as well and what level are you on? Answer in the comments!
20th Oct 12 06:17
Because I'm in the makewaves group I get to enter a competion to make a film IF I win it will get turned into a real film!
12th Oct 12 09:44
I have done some work for childline to help with their new posters. We were shown some posters and we were asked questions about them. We took it in turns to film, answer the questions and ask them. I...
7th Oct 12 06:55
I've got Keldeo for my pokemon white version!!! Keldeo is unobtainable in normal game play. You have to go to game with your ds and a copy of pokemon black or pokemon white. This event ends on the 11t...
28th Sep 12 09:17
This amazing book is by Cressida Cowell. The war has begun. The dragons begin to rebel. Alvin the treacherous is king of the Vikings and Hiccup is alone, in exile and wanted by humans and dragons. The...
23rd Sep 12 06:34
My sister is going to a party at build a bear while I am in kinston preparing for Hindleap Warren. Can't wait............., for Hindleap Warren that is!!!!!!!!!!!!
15th Sep 12 06:56
Every Saturday morning at 9:25 CITV are showing a film. Some good some bad.
31st Aug 12 10:23
When I went to get my pokemon theme deck dragon speed they didn't have any!!! Instead they had a Black and white Blue assault theme deck! I bought that and a booster pack instead of dragon speed. Talk...
30th Aug 12 10:13
You may have noticed I try to put Moving pictures on every story now. I'm not telling to get them!!!! But there is alot below including some from stories I made.
30th Aug 12 09:59
I'm going to get pokemon theme deck Dragon speed today! But I have to go through a Ballet shop first!!!! but I can't wait for after it!!!!
29th Aug 12 11:03
I can't decide what I want to buy the most: Pokemon dragons Exalted theme deck Dragon speed, Pokemon conquest or in september the 27th How to train your dragon How to sieze a dragons Jewel. What shoul...
29th May 12 17:42
In pokemon ranger I am UTTERLY STUCK at capturing Steelix! He's HUGE!!!!
29th Mar 12 11:40
In pokemon ranger I keep ending up doing the same thing after I captured Entei.
29th Mar 12 11:27
The year 4/5 prouduction was a great SUCSESS it was tricky because it was in the round.I was a girrafe( I got a TINY line(a laugh) and sung some songs).Durring each performance I was facing someone re...
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