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Jenny and Kelly Talk About Fife
Here are some facts on world war two.
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18th May 09 20:13
White lies is a very good band I can't beleive I'm actually saying this but I love indie it rocks !!! especially white lies my favourite song by them is Fairwell To The Fairground it's really good whe...
18th May 09 13:13
Dun dun dun...This is a bit what the theme sound is, Eastenders is a very good soap infact at the British soap awards they won the overall soap, Sean out of the soap won...
18th May 09 11:05
Hi I love Pickachu it is a he/she from Po'kemon, I think that the character is so cute, it is a he/she because only the classic ones have the same  gendre (not that I watch it, my friend Ross tol...
13th May 09 13:38
Here is a heart I found on a website
13th May 09 13:28
Hi everyone I was just searching up on the internet glitter pics when I came across this HUGE SMILEY FACE :) so come on every one just put a smile on your face and it really does make a difference you...
13th May 09 11:05
Hi every this is Kuckoo- kellyx and I would just want to tell u DC rocks !
9th May 09 16:12
hI  everyone have you been watching Britain's Got Talent recently, well if you have not you missed out on a lot of fun from acts Susan Boyle ( her voice was pure gold we did not expect that did w...
4th May 09 12:20
Hi I like butterflys they're really cute and fragile I've had 1 that has came to me and sat on my arm it was really magical I've got my pic of one it's so pretty from
23rd Apr 09 19:12
It's me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23rd Apr 09 19:02
Hi I like Rhianna she is a very good singer her new ( well kinda old ) album is good girl gone bad the songs I like are : rehab, disturbia and umbrella she is a very good artist and her genre is RnB (...
23rd Apr 09 18:56
I love Spongebob he is so cute I got this really cute pic off of a website he is so cool I like the cartoon aswell.
19th Apr 09 12:28
What up everyone I found this really cool sign on a website it's really funky and cool hope you enjoy looking at it.
18th Apr 09 15:28
This was definetley the best holiday I have ever been on in my life it was so fun they had a theme park a zoo loads of restaurants ( especially the American Diner, we went there it was really good and...
18th Apr 09 14:31
Tatty Teddy is so cute the pictures are just so adorable a shop that sells a lot of it is New Look ( and oh I forgot it's either the birthday shop or clinton cards infact it might not even be one of t...
11th Apr 09 10:54
this is the weirdest shoe ever it has a live tarantula inside it now wouldn't that be scary having to look down every five mins seeeing if it's still in there and if it's escaped and maybe crawled up ...
10th Apr 09 11:21
I'm totally a diva I have loads of ambitions for when I'm older and I would like to be a singer or a famous person to ( that would make my day ) like beyonce, katy perry, miley cyrus etc ( for girls )...
31st Mar 09 17:11
Hi I love beyonce she's very good at singing and very pretty. I like her new album : I'M ........ SASHA FIERCE ! I like three of her songs in the album called : Diva, Video Phone and Halo She is ...
26th Mar 09 18:02
Hi MGMT Kids rock I ove thier songs : time to pretend, electric feel and thier first 1 it's really groovy my friend curtis likes it just go on his page and ask what song it is u should listen to ...
26th Mar 09 18:02
they r so cool here is a different pic of them
25th Mar 09 11:49
Hi I would just like to tell all of you people how important it is to stay healthy and eat lots of friut not only does it keep you healthy but it keeps you full aswell so if your on a diet and if you ...
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