6th Oct 11 18:05
hey Whats Up this is sort of a sorry/hiya vlog? Anyways You may Have Noyiced That i Have Not Been On for A Few months Though I Might Of Been On A few Times? I Dunno Emm I Have Been Busy Well I Don't K...
19th Mar 11 23:31
Hey guys whassup?How have you all been getting on?Check out my new story optical illusions! :-http:
15th Sep 10 11:55
Hi, today I will talk about my movie project. My project is The Movies and each table has there own movie. My table has Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and we get to watch our film. The other table ...
19th Aug 10 16:47
Hi,i will tell u all about me!.My hobbies r playing football cycling with ma friends,goin to dundee pool, watching tv and my favourite goin to c rangers play at ibrox!!:)Ma best friends are (i am
28th Jul 10 09:39
Hi today i will tell you my top 5 favourite football teams,1.Rangers 2.Leeds UTD 3.RealMadrid 4.Scotland 5.Spain
2nd Jul 10 16:29
hey it is me! Ok i am going to talk about clubpenguin and panfu and if u are reading this i want u to comment on who will win first clubpenguin clubpenguin is a safe virtual world for kids aged 6-14 (...
2nd Jul 10 16:02
hi it is me i know it is a long time since i have been on i forgot my pass anyways let's talk about the world cup 2010!. right so far the world cup has not been the best world cup because the champion...