24th Dec 09 07:08
We have seen st trinian's 2.The girls are very naughty. it was a PG and one of the girls pushed over the man..there were lots and lots of them. I think abou t 100000000000000000000...
23rd Dec 09 15:46
My best friend is Cameron. He is in buckingham school.He is the biggest in the class.Cameron is cool.Camerons best out door game is It.
23rd Dec 09 07:33
On 21.12.09 we went to see santa.first we went to the adrian hall but he was not there. Then we went to squires and we thought he was not there but a lady told us to go ---) this way. We wen...
22nd Dec 09 14:57
my sister is 4 months.her name is sophie and is  the name of the title she is cute and she cries.
22nd Dec 09 08:52
I like my big tv because it looks really big and i watch it everyday because its the holidays. HHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21st Dec 09 18:23
holiday's are so fun, oh my god i've already seen santa, how cool is that
3rd Jun 09 08:00
hi, my name is little koolkid. i am in yr1.
my brother on radowaves is called koolkid.
i would love to be anyone's friend.
if you would like to be my friend, then click on my picture.